Muse of New Orleans

DeAnna is a highly sought after entrepreneur, tourism director, tour guide, content writer, producer and wellness coach.
Always curious, never one to sit still, and blessed with a zest for life that is unmatched, DeAnna is changing lives one story, trip, tour, venture or workout at a time, much like she changed her own.

  If you are considering a visit to New Orleans, planning an exciting vacation to anywhere in the world or wanting to change your lifestyle, health or body, DeAnna is your person. Whether DeAnna is your tour guide, your travel planner, your wellness and fitness coach, your information source, the producer of your business venture, or all of the above, you have chosen the right person for the task.

  DeAnna, known as the "Muse of New Orleans", will use her gifts to interest, inspire, motivate and challenge you on many levels.


  See the world through this historian's eyes. Experience the magic of a first-time adventure. Watch your life change. Through it all, DeAnna will be with you from start to finish.


I travel to all states to speak on Tourism, History, the Performing Arts and Transformation Coaching. Click below to find out more.



My tours cover a range of specialties geared toward different types of travelers. No matter which one you choose, I guarantee you’ll leave having a better appreciation for everything you experience. Click below to find out more.



Coaching is available for all difficulty levels and ages. Life, Wellness, Fitness and health are all areas we can work on improving to give you your best life possible. Click below to find out more.

Health & Wellness Coach

Group Tours

$28 Per Person

You could explore new places on your own, but you would miss out on so much! Take a historical or paranormal tour with DeAnna and see how exploring with a knowledgeable and professional Tour Guide will add to your travel experience.


Wellness/ Fitness/ Life Coaching

Prices Vary

For most of us, today's challenge is to be able to live a peaceful, healthy and happy existence.

As your Health, Life and Wellness Coach, DeAnna can work with individuals, families, groups, businesses, or specialized populations. She uses a process to assist participants to create a path for moving forward to self-empowerment, self-discovery, and living to one’s potential through self-care.

Research has proven that people who take good care of themselves actually create health, wealth, love, and life satisfaction, even during the most tremendous life-changing times and events.

Public Speaking

Prices Vary

Insightful. Educational. Inspiring.

With over 25 years experience in public speaking and keynote speeches, DeAnna brings inspiration for life, travel, tourism and wellness to any audience.

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